Here you can use links to watch videos. I also show viewers some cool stuff!
How to make a FREE website! Youtube video.
 This link on this page brings you to 
video on how to use webstarts.
all ya need is an email!
Mass Effect Fan? Check out the trailer for Mass Effect 3!
Like photos? Photobucket is the place for you!
Naruto Fan? all the way!
Love to read? Check out Barnes and
The ship in the backround is the SSV Normandy, from the Xbox 360,PS3, and PC game, MASS EFFECT.
Updates will be made!
Like baseball? Like funny movies?
Check out The Sandlot!
Like talking animals that want food? Check out Over the Hedge!
Legos are awesome! Check out new Lego Brand Hero Factory 3.0!
Shirts are cool right? Look at some cool summer shirts at
Want to build your own world? Go to

Have an IPod touch? Get the app called Eden:World Builder

Anyone else a computer fan? Anyone else a computer HACKER? well make a shutdown virus by doing these steps.